D.A.R.T. - Domestic Assault Review Team of Waterloo Region

What is DART?

D.A.R.T. is the Domestics Assault Review Team of Waterloo Region.

We work collaboratively to meet objectives that enhance the safety of individuals experiencing domestic violence in the Region of Waterloo. Our team is made up of a number of partners based out of the Waterloo Region who specialize in helping those experiencing domestic violence.

Background: The Domestic Assault Review Team (DART) of Waterloo Region was created in response to the Report of the Attorney General of Ontario by the Joint Committee on Domestic Violence, “Working Towards A Seamless Community and Justice Response to Domestic Violence: A Five Year Plan for Ontario”. Stakeholders were invited by the Victim/Witness Assistance program and the Crown Attorney’s Office, to the first DART meeting held June 1999.

Purpose: DART is a community coordinating committee. Its primary purpose is to facilitate a coordinated, seamless and effective approach to responding to domestic violence within the community of Waterloo Region.